Multimodal Transport

A complete range of services aiding multimodal or combined load delivery is available with Transgo Logistics. Multimodal transportation of goods, unlike monomodal transportation, involves the usage of two or more road, air, sea or rail modes of transport. Multimodal transport arrangements support the selection of the most flexible and efficient transportation routes, cuts, "connect" geographically transportation costs, remote dispatch and destination points, and achieve high delivery speeds.

A multimodal transportation operator is a company that supervises all the stages and elements of a shipment. Such a working arrangement enables a shipper to solve numerous bureaucratic issues at once. Transgo Logistics organizes and provides multimodal freight transportation in such a way that clients can enjoy all its benefits. Our experienced employees take an individual approach to every customer's requirements. We scrutinize all load properties and work out the most preferable routes in parts of Europe and Central Asia in accordance with all of our valued clients' wishes.

Transgo Logistics ships any cargo to any destination with no delays. Thanks to productive cooperation with international transport companies, we offer a flexible pricing policy and provide high-quality multimodal and intermodal transportation services.

Our multimodal solutions

Transgo Logistics multimodal transport solutions are fast, seamless and environmentally sustainable, thanks to our strategically placed terminals, purpose-built vessels, high-frequency rail services, and high-capacity network.

Why choose multimodal transport

Multimodal transport means using various modes of transport in one transport booking. It means moving cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport under one single contract. The same transport carrier is responsible for moving the shipment all the way, in all modes.

Choosing Transgo Logistics multimodal transport solution means choosing a one stop shop service with great geographical reach and flexibility, where we handle every single aspect of your goods transport for you. This means efficient delivery times, reduced inventory costs, and minimizing your logistics coordination expenses.