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International Air Freight Forwarding

Transgo Logistics offers comprehensive international air cargo transportation and logistics services. Air cargo services are one of our main offerings that are in high demand. While the amount of air passenger transportation has been declining, air cargo transportation volumes are steadily growing. Transporting cargo by air is an advantageous choice for multiple reasons, including fast delivery times to any destination and high cargo security levels. Also, the risks of loss, waste, or misappropriation are also minimized irrespective of market conditions. Clients choosing international air cargo shipping are guaranteed fast deliveries. For example, air freight from China to the UK can take from 2 to 5 days, depending on the Chinese airport of origin.

Transgo Logistics organizes and provides international air freight shipping services so that clients can take advantage of all this transport mode’s benefits. Our specialists consider each customer’s needs and cargo characteristics before choosing optimal transportation routes and calculating airfreight costs. Transgo Logistics provides on-time delivery of any goods over any distance and via any route. Thanks to our strong partnerships with international airlines, our company offers a flexible pricing policy and provides Swiss-quality air cargo transportation services.

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Whenever your air freight shipment is ready to go, Transgo Logistics is committed to meeting any business critical deadline. We provide expedited, day of service, same day pick-up of the order transaction. This means your air freight is on the way rather than waiting in the system.

Our Air Freight Shipping Options include:

  • Guaranteed Next-Flight-Out
  • Priority
  • Same day pickup and processing
  • Standard/General
  • Air Charter Services